Goog Le Bean CM9 CM10 AOKP apk

Google Bean CM9 CM10 AOKP v4.0.2.0 apk Android
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Genuine Search engines encounter in shade type for your phone!

Will NOT perform on inventory ROMs... Don't ask!
I run Ugly applications mostly and that's what this is examined on, so get the inverted duplicate of the app you're considering stressing about! (Inverted applications are applications that once were bright and now are dark... all the qualification and print styles were changed in color)

I use either inverted Mms or my developed Mms discovered here

If you get a "Theme Poorly Compiled" mistake information... adhere to these steps:
Apply program theme
Apply Concept (theme applies)

Theme centered off the well-known "Theme Chooser" theme website. This app will convert the look of your cell phone into a "Google Bean" experience! The no cost edition contains configurations and systemui modifications and is developed to provide you a flavor of this theme... This edition has many more modifications such as well-known symbols and other areas of it over the Free version!

EMAIL me if you have any problems or feedback you want to leave!!

More information and also to keep reviews...

What's in this version:
Changelog 9.17.12
Added minor Mms assistance for @travp624 aka Group BAKED Mms.
New In/Out signals
Re-Fixed pulldown cartoon (previous edition screwed it up.
Changelog 4.0.1: 9.15.12
Added some widgets
Over 10 new app symbols (keep delivering needs to
Themed SWYPE Keyboard
Fixed inconsistency in colors
Misc modifications to value and images
Changelog 9.11.12
Fixed inventory Mms look. Returning to bright backgrounds!
Changelog 4.0.0: 9.11.12

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