Kingdom of Heroes v1.02 Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: ★★★★★ An Epic Kingdom under your rule; Legendary Heroes with untold power at your command; a people awaiting their King!

 Create your Kingdom, recruit Heroes to your cause, and champion your army to defeat your foes!
 Kingdom of Heroes is a social, world building, heroes questing game in which you can compete with other players to attain glory, undertake epic quests or just enjoy building your Kingdom. Play the way you want - but beware, the Mighty await to challenge you!
 Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Combat and Farming Game!
 - SCOUT and FIGHT other players LIVE!
 - FARM multiple crops and grow your fortune!
 - BUILD the most LETHAL andprosperousKINGDOM!
 - HUNDREDS of powerful WEAPONS and SHIPS and SIEGE ENGINES to purchase!
 - GROW your economy by managing MINES, LUMBERMILLS and more!
 - QUEST to uncover the STORY behind each HERO!
 - LEVEL UP your Heroes and Buildings to make them STRONGER!
 - ATTACK, PILLAGE and ASSASINATE your rival Kingdoms!
 - FREE updates with new BUILDINGS, EQUIPMENT, DECORATIONS, and more!
 • HD graphics with full Retina display support.
 • Varied Gameplay to suit different styles.
 • This is an ONLINE ONLY game. You must be connected to the Internet to play.

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