Fieldrunners HD v1.18 Apk Game

Requirements: Requires a phone running OS 2.1 or above
Overview: Armed and animated, a motley crew is bound and determined to infiltrate your base. Control the field in FieldrunnersHD, a tower defense game adapted for your Android device. Blowing up little helmeted soldiers, helicopters, and big, muscle-headed buffoons has never been so visually stunning--because now you can annihilate them in hi-definition graphics. HOO-rah!

 Creatively Construct Your Defenses
 Choose from seven towers, each with its own special weaponry, and unleash a medley of destruction. You'll start small, maybe with the Gatling Tower, and work your way up to the Mortar Tower, delivering ultimate destructive powers via the nuke.

 With a bird's-eye view of your field, strategically place your towers where you believe they'll be most effective. Drag and drop them from the menu to your field. Replace a tower by tapping it and then selling it for cash.

 Earn more points and more cash by preventing enemies from crossing the grassy field and infiltrating your base. Lose a life for each fieldrunner that penetrates your defenses.

 Demolish Countless Waves of Combatants
 Master a wide array of tactics and strategies to help stand victorious against countless waves of unique land and air combatants. With over 400 levels across four unique battlefields, there's always a Fieldrunner to slay, level to unlock, or achievement to earn.

 Three modes of gameplay will satiate your tower defense desires. Start with Classic-- offered in Easy, Medium, or Hard. Two additional modes, Extended and Endless, can only be unlocked by beating Classic.

 Hi-Def Graphics Make Destruction More Fun
 Stunning graphics, sound effects, and background music enhance the already-addictive gameplay. The enemy maintains an undaunting and tenacious character, grunting and collapsing with each blow. It's just graphic enough to be amusing, but not gruesome enough to feel like you need a therapist.

 See if you've got what it takes to defeat the Fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate tower defense champion.

 Note: FieldrunnersHD requires a phone running OS 2.2 or above, and is not compatible with tablets.

 Product Features
 Requires a phone running OS 2.2 or above, and is not compatible with tablets
 Strategically construct tower defenses to protect your base
 Earn cash by keeping the enemy out and buy more destructive towers
 Play over 400 levels and 4 battlefields
 Enjoy Hi-definition graphics, and amusing sound effects

 What's in this version:
 * Updated for Ice Cream Sandwich
 * New download mechanism
 * Audio improvements
 * Bug fixes

Download Instructions:
 Fieldrunners HD v1.18 APK

 Fieldrunners HD v1.18 SD data (copy to /sdcard/Android/Obb/com.subatomicstudios, please create the folder if it doesn't exist)


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