Tichu apk 1.1 Android

Tichu apk 1.1 Android
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
The popular card game comes to Android to test your strategic thinking skills

The popular card game Tichu is now available on your Android device!

Tichu is a strategic partnership card game whose goal is to be the first to use all of your cards.
It may seem like a simple game, but ask any Chinese bus driver and he'll tell you it is a challenge for beginners and experts alike.

Your computer opponents will pull no punches, calling Tichu or Grand Tichu nearly 90% of the time.
They also look for ways to go out at every opportunity.
This does not mean the gameplay is incredibly slow.
The computer players will go as fast or slow as you can handle.

If the difficulty proves to be too much, you can turn on the in-game hints and a view of your opponents cards to see why they make the plays they do.
Whatever your skill level, you will find Tichu to be a fun and challenging game!

Post any bugs/suggestions at http://tichuapp.freeforums.org and I will have a look.


• Fully licensed and authorized by publisher Fata Morgana Spiele
• Full implementation of the card game
• Expert-level gameplay
• Advanced statistics to track your play
• Customizable settings to play the game at any speed
• Optional hints help you to improve your game
• Developer mode lets you cheat and see all cards and play reasons

What's in this version:
1. Bug fixes:
2. Game crashed when computer player wished for invalid rank with Mahjong
3. Cards were incorrectly passed when you undid some passes
4. Resuming the game when the trick had ended never started the game back up
5. Some straights with phoenix were not recognized
6. Some consecutive pairs were not recognized
7. Added horizontal orientation
8. Added difficulty settings and player names
9. Added option to force players to make a wish

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