Prisonville apk 1.0 Android

Prisonville apk 1.0 Android
Requires Android: 1.5 and up
Prisonville, the prison-themed sim game. Are you up-to-the-job.

Prisonville is a prison-themed simulation game. As warden, you must build and operate your prison in an efficient, effective, profitable, and harmonious manner which is a delicate balancing act. You need to satisfy the basic needs of your inmates while making sure they know who’s boss! Your prison facilities and resources are your tools to maintain order and rehabilitate your inmates into respectable, law-abiding citizens. Features 20 exciting levels and 2 fun modes of play.
Features 2 modes of play with 20 playable game levels
Build and operate 15 different prison facilities, including living quarters, cafeteria, library, gym, isolation ward, and more
Manage and reform 5 different categories of prisoners and carry-out 14 different prison management activities

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