SupaSupaCross apk 1.0.3 Android

SupaSupaCross apk 1.0.3 Android
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Arcade racing experience full of fun tracks, boost pads, and SupaSupa action

SupaSupaCross is an arcade style racing game where riders tap, tilt, and turbo-boost their way to the finish line. Be a SupaSupa star as you race across ten exciting stadium levels and increasingly difficult series challenges. A nostalgic top-down racing experience full of fun tracks, boost pads, slow-downs, and SupaSupa offroad action.

* An exciting casual game experience that anyone can play
* Touch or tilt controls for all types of device gamers
* Leave other riders in the dust with fast-tap starts
* Hit boost pads for added speed
* Race against increasingly difficult AI as you progress through each series
* Integration of stats and achievements lets you compare your progress against other braaaping SupaSupa stars
* A universal build means you can enjoy the game across all mobile devices
* Developed by the same talent to produce the top-selling MX vs. ATV series
* Original cool music and sound environment

SupaSupa Games is a Phoenix-based group of developers with one goal in mind: making games that are SupaSupa fun to play.

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Developed by SupaSupa Games, LLC

*Note: If you are having trouble downloading the game but have space on system and SD card for it, this is a bigger game so make sure your caches are cleared if you are getting an 'insufficient space' error if you think you have enough space.

Clear Caches and Data
- Go to the Download manager app in Settings > Applications > Download Manager under the 'All' tab. Then click 'Clear Data' or 'Move to SD card', also click 'Clear Cache'.
- Go to the Market app in Settings > Applications > Market under the 'All' tab. Then click 'Clear Data' or 'Move to SD card', also click 'Clear Cache'.

If you are still having issues:

If you can, upgrade to version 2.3 of Android OS or latest that you can this will fix this issue if you actually have the space.

If you cannot upgrade, and you are on Android 2.2 and lower simply uninstall Market Updates under Settings > Applications > Market > Uninstall market updates. This will allow you to download the game if you have room on your storage using the old Market App, it will update itself again after you download the game. This problem is related to a bug in the older Android OS's and the new Market App. The best solution is to be on a newer version of Android if possible.

What's in this version:
1. Back button now presents quit dialog
2. Minor graphical updates
3. Consistent dialog for prompts across the app

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