Super Status Bar Premium apk 0.9.3b Android

Super Status Bar Premium apk 0.9.3b Android
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Customize, potency and make more beautiful your boring status bar

At last a customizable notification bar to suit the user!
And without losing features!

Super Status Bar is the status bar you always wanted.
Not a Root? because there is no problem, Super Status Bar is here to change things!
Customize your status bar to the smallest detail!

With Super Status Bar can change the position of the icons in the status bar, you can change your appearance, use the backgrounds that you like, download new themes each week, change the text fonts, simplify your status bar to its minimum expression or extend it until the unimaginable features, all to make your status bar to your liking and not liking the manufacturer.

Choose from a large number of themes and also ... be the first to test the status bar ICE CREAM SANDWICH!

You can see the notifications on the lock screen or even while you play!
Only need to activate the Android Accessibility options for use full notifications!

You'll also have quick access to the most important system notifications without having to deploy the notification bar, with direct access included in the application, such as calls, sms's or gmail's

And if this were not enough, you can enjoy the "Extended Experience", which add more features to the classic status bar, things like shortcuts to switch wi-fi, bluetooth, gps, mute and many more, plus you can expand making the notification bar alone without dragging gestures or hide the status bar with a simple gesture when you need it.

This app is in beta, please used the comments to suggest improvements and lay no negative scores.
If you have a problem used "Help" included in the app and if you find no solution send me an e-mail

SDCARD is required to save settings & background

What's in this version:
1. Better support for notifications (listed and no recursive)
2. Support for notification panel custom backgrounds
3. Fixed few errors and crashes

Download Super Status Bar Premium apk 0.9.3b Android

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