Skyrim - The Complete Guide apk 2.2 Android

Skyrim - The Complete Guide apk 2.2 Android
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
The top rated guide of Skyrim on GameFAQs now for Androïd !

The top rated guide on GameFAQs now on Androïd with a special -50% holiday discount !

The official UGW and guide. By the company who created the 4,5 rated app "The Guide to Deus Ex Human Revolution" and the 4 rated app "The Guide - Batman Arkham City Edition" on iPhone. What others say about this app :

Zeeble29567476358 ★★★★★
"Amazing and cheap !
This app had WAY more information then I thought and you can tell the creator put a lot of effort into it."

Homerun!!!! ★★★★
"This app is great in its own way great tips"

Aela the huntress ★★★★★
"Very nice
I love this app really helpfull ! :) cheers"

The most complete guide available for the video game Skyrim on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC ! See for yourself in the content list below !

This guide features the most complete guide on mobile devices :



- Quick Tips & Strategies
- Character Creation Guide (Races, Classes, Tips, Builds)

Walkthroughs :

- Main Questline COMPLETE
- Many Side Quests with more to come
- The Companions Questline COMPLETE
- The Companion Miscellaneous Quests COMPLETE
- College of Winterhold Questline COMPLETE
- College of Winterhold Miscellaneous Quests (Coming Soon)
- Thieves Guild Questline COMPLETE
- Thieves Guild Miscellaneous Quests (Coming Soon)
- Dark Brotherhood Questline COMPLETE
- Dark Brotherhood Miscellaneous Quests COMPLETE
- Civil War Stormcloaks Questline COMPELTE
- Civil War Imperial (Coming Soon)
- Daedric Quests COMPELTE

Universe :

- Entire Standing Stones Locations
- Full Spell List for all Magic Schools (with stats and locations)
- Full Skill Books Locations
- Full Skills and Perks List (with stats, levels and tips)
- Full Dragon Shouts List (with locations)
- Full Trainers List (with locations)
- Full Alchemy Ingredients
- Alchemy Recipes
- Food Ingredients and Recipes
- Mining Tips and Locations
- Smithing Tips and Armor Sets
- Unique Armor Locations

Cheats and Tricks :

- Full Trophies and Achievements Guide
- Secrets and Trick including : Easy leveling of all skills, items duplications, PC cheats, Exploits, Vampires and Lycantrophy, Easy gold and much more !

Coming Soon :

- Cities Guide
- Interactive Character Builder
- Notable NPCs
- Daedric Shrines
- Houses
- Gods of Skyrim
- Daedric Princes
- Dragons Locations
- Bestiary

What is this guide ?

The Guide is THE mobile app where you'll find quickly and easily everything you were looking for in a mobile walkthrough.

Where can I use The Guide ?

That's the beauty of it ! With it's full offline data, you can use The Guide wherever you want ! On the plane, train, car, boat, on feet, in your country, in other countries, with or without internet connection, even on the toilet ! You name it, you can use it there !

All rights reserved to the content's owners.

This guide is the property of his copyright owners and may not be reproduced.

What's in this version:

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