Lie To Me Ep 14 Korean Drama

Lie To Me Ep 14 Korean Drama. On the boardship jeju find way of scenic island parts ,sametime ki joon comes on deck and he get serioully ill.Ah jung thought that hyun ki joon is president of very famous hotel world and at that time this is so sick in the ship she snarks, why he would follow her even he can not hanlde this situation and ship

when they both in island jeju come.Now ki joon and ah jung see the tree of limo and walk togherand they also see the inner part of the limo , its had a mini bar with different bottle of red wine , flower to and fruit platter ah jung say to her partner that i don,t really like this all types of things but its mind wants to touch everything

Lie To Me Ep 14 Preview :
ah jung going to her house and discovers a bag on crown , because she thought just yoon joo seeing them ,He is really amazed and her face was full of worry about this tention , ah jung text on her phone , yoon jo received his call and say to his goodnight remember me in your dreams on the otherside , ki joon , chairman from singapor, manager, and all of director come together around a table . At the end ki joon was making mistake and Aunt also gets up to leave for see his simply mistake now the every one is leaving on here Lie To Me Ep 14 Eng Sub.


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